Akarregi Txiki is a traditional winery which has been making wine in this farmhouse for generations. Located on the slopes of Getaria, the Akarregi Txiki farmhouse occupies an area of approximately 17 hectares.

Our winery produces txakoli pursuant to the most traditional methods under strict rigorous control. Advances in the wine technology field have obtained resulted in great achievements leading to considerable improvement in the fermentation process, thereby obtaining a product of extraordinary quality. Our production capacity for the 2019 harvest was around 140,000 litres.

At Akarregi Txiki harvesting is done strictly and exclusively by hand in boxes of 20 kilos. Once picked, the grapes are taken directly from the vineyard to the winery, where the production process begins. After the delicate pressing of the bunches, the must obtained is fermented at a controlled temperature transforming it into txakoli. Then, after a few months of rest at an ideal temperature of 5-6º in the winery, the txakoli will be ready for tasting and subsequent bottling. The tanks are made of stainless steel to be able to control the temperature and to maximize hygiene, two factors that must be taken into account to obtain quality wines.