The Txakoli “Akarregi Txiki” is produced 100% from autochthonous grape variety “Hondarrabi Zuri”, exclusively harvested on their own estate.

In winter, when the vines are at rest, pruning is carried out in order to guarantee the productivity of the cane and that in spring the shoots will bud and develop the future bunches of grapes. The harvest is at the end of September or beginning of October when bunches have fully ripened and reached the perfect balance between the sugars and acidity.

On pouring into a glass the txakoli bubbles burst producing gleeful explosions of light and bright colours with straw yellow hues and slight golden nuances flooding us with the fragrance of typical intense pleasant aromas with fruity finish delicately woven together. Fresh sparkling in mouth with an elegant tartness giving great persistence to delight us with innumerable sensations from the different nuances of taste we perceive. In other words a highly expressive txakoli.